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About us

Jaguarundi Travel is a company that takes pride in showing off the incredible natural and rich cultural diversity of Colombia, a country with some of the most spectacular flora and fauna in the world. We visit rarely seen and challenging locations, places of ecological splendor.

While we wish to share knowledge of Colombia’s natural and cultural resources, we are always respectful of nature and of our local partners and communities. Our aim is to foster local economies and to encourage research and pride in our country.

Know more about us

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The vast grandeur and majesty of the Amazon is a wonder of the world. Discover its immensity, the wildlife and the local communities. Navigate rivers and streams in search of the Amazon Pink Dolphin and delight in the sounds of nature.

Caño Cristales

A hidden destination of great beauty. Located in La Macarena (Serranía de la Macarena), a mountain range known for its great biological diversity. The river is recognized as one of the most beautiful in the world because of its many colors. It is ideal for photographers, naturalists and those seeking to enjoy the beauty of nature.  It is also called the river of the five colors.

Cerros de Mavecure

Over the Guiana Shield (Escudo Guyanés), one of the oldest areas on Earth is isolated between the plains of the Amazon. Beautiful mounds mark the transition between the eastern plains and the Amazon jungle. You’ll navigate the Inírida River, visit the Venado and Remanso communities, witness glorious sunsets, and meet the indigenous peoples who live here.


The capital of Colombia offers a wide range of activities and attractions. There are museums, monuments, restaurants, coffee shops, theaters and shopping centers, more than enough to meet the cultural, recreational and culinary expectations of any visitor.


Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1984, Cartagena is an architectural and historical icon of Colombia. This city takes you into the past with its fortifications, colonial architecture and history. Get to know the locals and try some traditional fishing.

Coffee Cultural Landscape

Declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 2011, this region is all about coffee – its history, its people, food, music and customs. Travel the countryside and visit coffee plantations. Discover the beauty and biological, cultural and historical richness of the area.

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