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JAGUARUNDI TRAVEL Responsible tour operator

Specialized nature and culture tours in Colombia

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About us

Jaguarundi Travel is a Colombia tours operation company that takes pride in showing off the incredible natural and rich cultural diversity of Colombia, a country with some of the most spectacular flora and fauna in the world. We visit rarely seen and challenging locations, places of ecological splendor.

While we wish to share knowledge of Colombia’s natural and cultural resources, we are always respectful of nature and of our local partners and communities. In Jaguarundi Travel Colombia Tours, our aim is to foster local economies and to encourage research and pride in our country.

Know more about us


Take a look to our staff!!

Colombian most experienced guides are part of our staff. Traveling with Jaguarundi is supporting the Colombian and local knowledge; is sustainable travel, is unforgettable experiences



bird tour company colombia

With the largest bird diversity on Earth, Colombia bird watching tours is growing in popularity.

With over 1,920 bird species, Colombia has around 20% of the world’s avian diversity. Travel throughout our mountain ranges, Inter-Andean valleys, jungles, deserts, mangroves, paramos, marshes, coastal and other ecosystems searching for beautiful, rare, endemic and colorful birds and nature.


in situ orchid tours Colombia

The vast majority of plant species are concentrated in the tropical and sub-tropical regions of the world. The Republic of Colombia, containing about 10% of the known species in the world and it is one of the most biodiverse countries on Earth. Nearly 30% of the vascular plants occurring in Colombia are endemic. The extraordinary flora of the Colombian vascular plants accounts for over 24,000 species with the best representation observed within the Orchidaceae family.


nature photography journey colombia

Birds, nature, wildlife, landscapes and tailor made photography tours throughout Colombia.

Explore and shoot incredible pictures, learning some tricks and techniques. Our trips are designed thinking on the best options for photographers and amateurs.


customized nature travel tours Colombia

Trips designed at your own pase. Tell us your needs and we’ll provide the best itinerary and expert guide for your trip. Explore the Colombian’ nature with the best field guides and experts in the territory. Are you after a certain species of bird, mammal, butterfly, plant, orchid? Are you willing to design your trip from the beginning? Ere you a hardcore naturalist? Are you interested in a local company organizing your scientific biological research? Well, This is your place.


nature wildlife tour Colombia

Colombia is a “megadiverse” country, home to nearly 10% of the planet’s total biodiversity and almost one in 20 of all plant species worldwide. Over half is covered by forest, while wetlands and vast tropical grassland add to the mix. Record numbers of rare species abound including around 100 endangered mammals, 34 species of endangered hummingbird, and 2,500 plant species in danger of extinction.



This tour visits places in Colombia declared by UNESCO as tangible or intangible assets. You will see the diverse landscapes and cultural displays typical of Colombia as well as sites from the colonial era. You will also be able to experience the country’s biodiversity when we visit places of great aesthetic and natural beauty.


In this trip, you´ll get to know some of the most interesting places in Colombia; we focus on the diversity of cultural expression, gastronomy and culture in general. In addition, you’ll get to know and appreciate the diversity of the country’s landscapes and ecosystems. This trip allows the visitor to immerse and experience firsthand the diversity of Colombia’s cultural expression.